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Helpful notes on wining, dining and clubbing in Puerto Banus and Marbella. 


Eating Out PUERTO BANUS.  Last updated Winter 2009

If you would like to add any further information or recommendations then please email your comments.


Type                Name                           Location


Home Delivery    'Room Service'              This company provides restaurant food

                                                            delivered to your apartment, generally from

                                                            2pm to 11pm or later depending on season.

                                                            Various menus available. Prices on the high

                                                            side but good concept! Tel 00 34 605715191


Chef for You       'Chef at Home'               Evelyne is a French trained chef who will

                                                            cook a fabulous meal in your holiday

                                                            apartment. Tel 00 34 609866175


International       'Pacos Bistro'                Located in the gardens of Playas del Duque

                                                            for PdD residents and guests only. Open 7

                                                            days from 10am.  March to September.

                                                            Breakfast, Snacks, Tapas, Mains & Drinks.

                                                            Great value and kids portions on request!

                                                            Room service for PdD guests!!!!!


International      'Restaurante de Jardin'    Located in the gardens of Playas del Duque

                                                            for PdD residents and guests only. Open 7

                                                            days from 10am. March to mid October. The

                                                            larger of the two restaurants.


International       ‘Ocean Club’                 On the beach and paseo just outside the

                                                            gardens of Playas del Duque.  Elegant and

                                                            indulgent and high prices to suit!


International       ‘Cipriano’                      On Avienda Playas del Duque.  In the

                                                            building of Casa Sevilla PdD. Open to public 

                                                            Best dress up for this one but very good.


Chiringuito         ‘Tramps’                       On the beach, outside of Andalucia del Mar

                                                            just along from Ocean Club. Tapas & main  

                                                            dishes. Chill and tan on the sunbeds with a

                                                            freezing cold beeror have a snack or meal.


International      ‘Buddah Beach’              Approximately 400mtrs from Playas del      

                                                            Duque if you turn right when leaving beach

                                                            gates. Trendy food and drink plus swimming

                                                            pool! Good afternoon venue.


Chiringuito        ‘Pedro’s Beach’              Opposite Buddy Beach, great family menu

                                                            and food is good, good atmosphere. Dine on

                                                            wooden tabels and barrels on the beach.


Barbeque          'Asadores Segovianos'    Next door to Liquid Lounge.  Just opened

                                                            November 2009. Great barbeque restaurant

                                                            with authentic Spanish bar.


Tapas               ‘Gambrinus’                   At far end of town centre near the cinema. 

                                                            Typical Spanish main and tapas dishes.


Tapas               ‘Alexandros’                  On the edge of the big square in town. 

                                                            'Plaza Antonio Banderos'. Breakfasts, lunch,

                                                            snacks and pretty good on price!


Indian                ‘Mumtaz’                      Overlooking the big boats on the port.  Good

                                                            Asian food, a little up market on price.


Indian                'Taj Mahal'                    A short taxi ride to the La Campana area

                                                           of Nueva Andalucia but well worth it.


Pasta Pizza       ‘Picasso’                      Front line centre of the port. Get there early 

                                                            and be ready to queue. Great for families

                                                            with afternoon discounts, big portions.


Italiano Neuvo     ‘Don Leone’                  2 doors from ‘Picasso’. Very good food with 

                                                            modern décor and furnishings.


Italian                ‘Parpadella’                   Near to the largest yachts. Good quality 

                                                            Italian food.


Steak & Meat    ‘El Gaucho’                   Argentinean meat house in the lane behind

                                                            Sinatra Bar on the port. Big steaks, rabbit

                                                            and chops etc. Great home made Chorizo!


Thai                  ‘Thai Gallery’                 500 metres past El Corte Ingles where the

                                                            Rhino sits on the roundabout, under the    

                                                            main dual highway through the underpass

                                                            next to Dreamers Club.


Chinese            ‘Tai Wan’                       In back lanes behind Sinatra’s on the first 

                                                            floor. Cheap quality food & take away.


Chinese            ‘Leon de Oro’                 At the far end of the port to your apartment 

                                                            facing the beach & Astrals Bar. Good.


Greek               ‘Red Pepper’                  On the port front line middle section over 

                                                            looking the boats.  Fish. Good value.


General             ‘Evasion’                       At the harbour entrance on Benabola paseo with lovely views of the sea.


Tapas               ‘La Bocana’                   At the harbour entrance on Benabola paseo with lovely views of the sea.


Moorish             ‘Baalbak’                      At the harbour entrance on Benabola paseo

                                                            with lovely views of the sea.


Breakfast          ‘Bolero’                         2nd line port, upstairs above ‘The Edge’ piano

                                                           and live music bar. English and continental

                                                           breakfast menu plus snacks and basic main

                                                           Spanish dishes. Basic but good enough.


Fish                  ‘Marina Azul'                This and many good fish restaurants located

                                                           around the largest yachts front line of the 

                                                           port. All good food.


International       ‘El Corte Ingles’            There’s a selection of a good restaurant and 

                                                           café operation situated on the top

                                                           floor of this huge department store in the 

                                                           centre of town. Shopping dream to!         


Noodles            ‘Noodle Bar’                  Near to the Cinema on the main street in the

                                                           town, Take away too! 


Brit Food          'Cravings'                      Near to our office across the dual carraigeway

                                                          serving real homemade pies, curries, chilli &

                                                          pastas plus great variety of sandwiches 

                                                          including their famous salt beef. 


Fast Food         ‘Various’                      Puerto Banus offers Burger King, 

                                                          McDonalds & TGI Friday amongst others.



Bars & Clubs PUERTO BANUS:   last updated Summer 2009

If you would like to add any further information or recommendations then please email your comments.


                        Name                           Location


                         ‘Sinatra Bar’                 Meet ‘Manolo’ and his crew.  Great meeting

                                                            place front line in the port overlooking the big

                                                            boats!  Be nice to Manolo and he’ll be nice

                                                            to you….? Prices on the better side!


 ‘Marvelous’                   Piano & live music venue, second line port half way down.  Top class entertainment. 

                                    Go after midnight for best atmosphere.


                         ‘Old Joys’                     Been here since time began, middle of port 

                                                            front line.  Another good piano bar.


                         ‘Pangea’                       Private club next to the big boats.  


                         ‘Astrals’                       Far end of the port on the beach opposite

                                    Chino restaurant.  Big big wooden chairs and

                                    tables with occasional live music.  Great in

                                    summer!  Cocktails Galore!!! Prices good!!


‘Taco Loco’                    Front line port.  Nice afternoon venue watching activities in the marina along with most other front line bars.


                        ‘Port Side’                     Cosey traditional style pub front line near the

                                                            smaller boats.  Sport TV.


                        ‘Habana’                       Families during the day and revellers later in 

                                    evening, Good venue at far end of port near the boat yard.


                        ‘Premier Bar’                 Late night reveller club with dancers. Port.


                        ‘Liquid Lounge’               In the square in-between ‘El Corte Ingles’ 

                                                            and the Cinema. Plaza Marina Banus.

                                                            Comfortable lounge bar.


                        'Asadores Segovianos'    Next door to Liquid Lounge.  Just opened

                                                            November 2009. Great barbeque restaurant

                                                            with authentic Spanish bar.


                        ‘Fu Bar’                         Meet Ernie, not the milkman, this ones the

                                                            wine man!  2nd line in the middle of the port.

                                                            Fish tanks for the kids to look at!


‘Linekers’                      Sports bar with all the satellite football and 

                                    golf etc.  Late night reveller bar.


‘Mambo Club’                Seeing is believing, pole dancers and all,

                                    until late. Ask on the door for 2 for 1 drinks tickets!


‘Navy Club’                    Sailors only.  The live band is very good.


‘Irish Quarter’                 Bottom end of port past Linekers 2nd line,

                                    venues with outside bars in summer.


                        ‘Seven’                          Lounge with big comfy sofas next door to

                                                            Linekers on the 2nd line port.Luxury.


                        ‘Sintilate’                       Al fresco nightclub in summer only on Plaza

                                                            Beach, Brill! 


                        ‘Dreamers’                     Up market club. 500 metres past Cortes

                                                            Ingles where the Rhino sits on the

                                                            roundabout under the main dual highway

                                                            through the underpass opposite BMW.


‘Latinos’                        Sports bar and casino games with big screen sports TV.  Opposite PYR Hotel.


'Hard Rock Cafe'            Opened late October 2009. On the avenue

                                    opposite the 'El Corte Inglais' store.


                        ‘Others’                         Bear with me, I am getting through them but 

                                                            it is difficult to remember the next



Eating Out MARBELLA.  Last updated Easter 2010

If you would like to add any further information or recommendations then please email your comments.


Type                Name                           Location PASEO (Promenade)

Chiringuito        ‘Vincents Beach’            Accessed off the golden mile or walking the

International                                          paseo, about 1/2 mile from Puerto Banus

                                                            about one mile from Marbella centre. Trendy.


Chiringuito        'Trocadero'                     Right on the beach just past the wooden pier

International                                          beach front Marbella Club Resort. Trendy.

                                                            Like Vincents its a must be seen venue!


Fish/Seafood    'La Pesquera'                 Two restaurnats on the paseo and one in the

                                                           old town above the underground car park.

                                                           All very popular.


Italian               'Tutti Gusti'                   Traditional Italian on the paseo near to the

                                                           lighthouse.  Fish restaurant under on beach.


Indian               'Indian Dreams'             On the paseo, opposite the marina.  New in

                                                          2009 and has a kebab section to it.


International      'Da Bruno'                    Near to the tourist offices, very popular.


Chinese            'Gran Shang Hai'          On the main part of the paseo just past

                                                          Banana Tree bar.  Good value with great sea

                                                          views across to Africa from the upper terrace.


Fish/Seafood    'Lower Paseo'               There's a stretch of fine fish chiringuitos on

                                                          the lower promenade (paseo).  Very popular.

                                                          'Red' and 'Tres Pepe's' tend to be the busiest

                                                          but all are good, there's a great steak and 

                                                          meat house here to with charcoal grill..


Spanish           'Rentero'                       Located within the cinema complex on the

                                                          paseo. 'Plaza del Mar'. New in 2009 and

                                                          already popular. 3 course menu del dia only

                                                          14.50€ includes glass wine and a coffee!


Type                Name                         Location TOWN (Streets behind Paseo)

Spanish            'La Venencia Dos'         Located in the back streets just behind the

                                                          paseo close to the centre of town.  Tapas

                                                          and typical Spanish main dishes.  Very good

                                                          and great prices!! Big terrace on the street.


Spanish           'Meson Simon'               This is a basic bar on one side of the building

                                                          and a fantastic little restaurant on the other

                                                          with the kitchen seperating the two. 'Tino' will

                                                          serve you with authentic Spanish home made

                                                          food and some of Marbellas best sea food 

                                                          and fresh fish. Menu del Dia every lunchtime

                                                          at only 5.50€ per person. Recommended!


International      'Beckitts'                      On the corner near to La Venencia.  Popular.


Spanish            'Gorki'                          On the opposite corner to La Venencia Dos.

                                                           tapas bar and fine restaurnat with main

                                                           main street terrace to watch the people from.


 International      'Matahambre'               A new trendy tapas bar and restaurant in the

                                                          street behind Banana Tree.  Atmospheric and

                                                          'no son tipicaso' not so typical especially the

                                                          tapas. Great menu and great prices.


Spanish            'La Fria'                       Great for fish and seafood lovers.  Great prices

                                                          to!  Located 3rd line behind paseo.  Ask any

                                                          any Spaniard for directions! Close to Simon.


Argentinean       'Mas Que Pizza'          Located 2nd line behind the lighthouse. Great

                                                          pizzas, steaks and famous Milaneso, thats

                                                          breadcrumbed deep fried chicken with tomato

                                                          and cheeses.  Try Empanada for starters!


Spanish            'Antonios'                    Home cooked menu, authentic Spanish.

                                                          Located 2nd line behind the lighthouse.


Scandinavian    'Skandi's'                      Scandinavian home cooked dishes.

                                                          Located 2nd line behind the lighthouse.


Spanish Grill     'Patagonica'                 Atmospheric in second line to the paseo

                                                          just behind Barrocco bar. Charcoal grilled

                                                          meats served with a difference.  Very good.


Spanish           'La Venencia'                Just off the paseo in the avenue leading to the

                                                          beach from the town centre.  



Type                Name                         Location OLD TOWN (Casco Antigo)


Head for 'Orange Square' and its surrounding lanes to find an abundent selection of

mainly fine restaurants.  New visitors are advised to take a day or nightime guided

walking tour to discover this area first.  Your guide can recommend various places.

Call or email for more information.


Type                Name                         Location GOLDEN MILE

International      'Tony Dali'                    Famous and located on the Golden Mile.

                                                          Close to Puerto Banus.


International      'Tony Roma'                 Famous and located on the Golden Mile.

                                                                             Close to Puerto Banus.


Spanish Grill     'El Carnacero '              Close to Puerto Banus next to Tony Roma.

                                                          Steak on the stone and more.  Popular.


Italiano             'Mama Gina'                 Part of the 'Palicio de Congresos' building

                                                          close to the Don Pepe Melia Hotel and the

                                                          copper spire 'El Piruli'. Good.


International     'Terra Sana'                   One of 3 that i know of located out of town

                                                          past the copper spire 'El Piruli' serving

                                                          everything from breakfast to dinner.


International      'Lime & Co'                  Located just off the roundabout heading to

                                                          'Hotel Marbella Club'.


International      'Polo House'                 Owned by the infamous 'James Hewitt'

                                                          apparently.  Location as above.


International      'Da Bruno'                    One of 3 that I know of.  location as above.


Indian               'Taj Mahal'                   On the main road leaving Marbella towards

                                                          Puerto Banus. Almost opposite 'Marbella Club

                                                          Hotel'. Includes eat all buffets!


Mexican           'La Cantina'                  Good Mexican food and more, same        

                                                          location as 'Taj Mahal' above.             


Argentinean      'Bayres'                       Good grill meat house, location as above.





Bars MARBELLA:   last updated Winter 2009

If you would like to add any further information or recommendations then please email your comments.


                        Name                        Location PASEO (Promenade)

                        'Banana Tree'              Great freindly bar for all the sport, also serves

                                                         good curries and brit style meals.  Good

                                                         value and great sea front location.


                        'El Faro Bar'               On the corner of the marina facing the paseo.

                                                         Great varied back ground music, great and 

                                                         and cheap cocktails.  Atmospheric, good !

                                                         Lots of other bars around this marina but this

                                                         one is one of the most popular.


                        'Libereria'                    Libary bar with great Spanish atmoshere.

                                                         lots of books, sport TV, busy terrace. located

                                                         in a side lane near to El Faro (lighthouse)


                        'Shot Cafe'                  On the paseo next door to close to the port

                                                         area.  Bright modern bar with big HD TV's for

                                                         sport along with cocktails and shot's ofcourse


                       'Tiger Bay'                   Just off the paseo at the entrance of the marina

                                                         serving draught carling, Sunday roast, full

                                                         English breakfast and sport TV.  All at the

                                                         same time if you want!!!!


                        'Primer Express'          In the paseo cinema complex,  'Plaza del Mar'

                                                         Good prices and quality.


                        'Arles'                         In the cinema complex on the paseo.


                        'Good time Cafe'          In the cinema complex on the paseo.


                        'Rentero'                     Spanish bar as part of the restaurant above.


                        'The Paseo'                 The paseo (promenade) has many bars, cafes

                                                          and restaurants.  Bear with me as i discover

                                                          more by name.  Prices here in Marbella are

                                                          far cheaper than Banus for drinks.



                        Name                        Location TOWN (Streets behind Paseo)

                        'La Venencia Dos'        Tapas bar next door to the restaurant. 

                                                          Authentic Spanish and great value.  There

                                                          are many other Spanish bars located in this

                                                          area of the town which lies between the

                                                          paseo and the main street.  Walk the streets

                                                          to find them, they are well worth discovering.


                        'La Venencia'               As 'dos' above but located just off the paseo 

                                                          the bottom of the street where the horse and

                                                          carraiges are waiting near town centre.


                        'Matahambre'               A new trendy tapas bar and restaurant in the

                                                          street behind Banana Tree.  Atmospheric and

                                                          'no son tipicaso' not so typical tapas! Great

                                                          menu and great prices.


                        'No No's Trio'               3 bars together opposite Venencia Dos above.

                                                          'Lounge' a trendy late night venue.  'Cafe' and

                                                          'Tavern' serving snacks, sandwiches and tapa


                        'Home Bar'                  Located 2nd line behind the lighthouse. Irish

                                                          owned freindy small bar with the best Guiness

                                                          in town!  Gerry is your host.

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